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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Obesity Rates Take A Toll On Employers

A worker's habits outside the workplace affect their safety and health in the workplace. An article in the Business Ledger points out that two-thirds of American's are overweight, and employers are impacted by these employee's weight-related injuries and illnesses.

The article points out that researchers have "found the worker’s compensation claim rate for the heaviest employees to be twice that of the recommended-weight workers. The number of lost workdays was almost 13 times higher, medical claims costs were seven times higher, and indemnity claims costs were 11 times higher among the heaviest workers. "

It then recommends ways to control and reduce weight-related safety and healthcare costs.

You can read the Business Ledger article here.

Safeway is becoming highly recognized for its approach to improving employee safety and reducing health care costs, and also improving safety. For example, Safeway found that an "obese employee can require 10 times the number of doctor visits in a year than someone of healthy weight." The created a health program that rewarded employees for improving their health. This is how an article in the Wall Street Journal described Safeway's program:

"The result was Safeway's "Healthy Measures" program, which is voluntary. Employees are tested for smoking, weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. Every area they 'pass' results in a reduction in their premium, of as much as $1,560 for a family, a year. Those who fail but prove progress can get refunds. Safeway complements this with an intense culture of health: weight-loss tips, fitness competitions and smoking cessation programs."

Read the Wall Street Journal article.

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