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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Disgruntled Worker Puts Radioactive Material In Water Cooler

The Time Online (UK) reports that a disgruntled employee of the high-security Kaiga nuclear power plant, on the west coast of India, "spiked the office drinking water with a radioactive isotope." The result is that 55 workers were treated after drinking tritium. The article stated:

"The crime came to light when workers at the plant took urine tests after a shift, a week ago. Two are still in hospital and the rest have been discharged."

"But while the short-term dangers can be contained, the long-term risks are far greater: health hazards linked to contamination include an increased occurrence of cancer and genetic abnormalities in the children of those exposed, making the poisoning an act that will have repercussions for years."

The person responsible has not been identified. There are 15 people who have been identified as possible suspects.

Read the entire article here

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