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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Study: wind turbine color affects wildlife safety

Not that most people would notice, but throughout the country, occasionally there are found winged wildlife near the foot of large wind turbines. And not that birds and bats aren't interesting to look at, but you probably wouldn't find them too interesting when they are dead.

As reported by Matt Walker of BBC News in an article entitled "Wind turbines wrong colour for wildlife," recent studies by scientists show that more and more bats and birds are being killed by wind turbines partly due to their white or grey color. But why? While scientists still aren't entirely sure, they did discover that a big reason why is because these colors attract more insects, which in turn, according to Walker's report, "lure bats and birds - as they pursue their prey - into the path of the turbine blades."

What the researchers did was measure "how many insects were attracted to a range of paint colours."

The result surprised the scientists.

The study revealed some very intriguing findings, and it was discovered that one color in particular was the least attractive to insects, and in essence, would let more bats and birds keep their winged ways alive and aloft if wind turbines were painted this color.

"Our major conclusion from this work is that turbine paint colour could be having a significant impact on the attraction of insect species to the structure, both during the day and at night," said PhD student Chloe Long of Loughborough University, UK.

Curious to learn more about wind turbines' affects on wildlife and what turbine color would provide the best protection to bats and birds? Read Walker's full article in BBC's "Earth News" section online.

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