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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Canadians Focus on Young Worker Safety

Here are a couple of paragraphs from a June 9 article in the Ottawa Citizen.

OTTAWA — Workers in Ontario have the right to say no. No to standing on a 40-foot ladder without a harness. No to working without a supervisor. No to using equipment before being trained. No to taking shortcuts.

But often, they still find themselves in dangerous situations, resulting in accidents, injuries, and even death. All of which can be prevented.

That’s the message Ontario’s labour minister is hoping to spread through a four-month safety blitz across the province. Charles Sousa is focusing the program on young workers, since most workplace accidents happen in the first month on the job.

“We want those kids to come home safe and sound,” Sousa said. He spoke Wednesday to a group of young workers at the Ottawa Walls and Ceilings Training Centre in an industrial park in Gloucester. “The thought of any of you — any young person — being killed on the job is too awful to contemplate.”

Sousa said that in 2009, more than 7,500 young workers were injured on the job. Though the number is lower than previous years, the summer blitz aims to reduce it even more.

The entire article may be found here.


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