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Monday, November 07, 2011

Green Job Hazards

Green jobs are broadly defined as jobs that help to improve the environment. Green jobs do not necessarily mean that they are safe jobs. Workers in the green industries may face hazards that are commonly known in workplaces -- such as falls, confined spaces, electrical, fire, and other similar hazards. These hazards may be new to some workers who are moving into new green industries. Additionally, workers may be exposed to new hazards with which they are not familiar. For example, workers in the solar energy industry may be exposed to Cadmium Telluride, a known carcinogen,if adequate controls are not implemented.

The following provides links to OSHA pages with information about various green job hazards:

Hazards of Bio-Fuels
Hazards of Green Roofs
Recycling Hazards
Job Hazards When Working With Solar Energy
Hazards of Weatherization, Insulating, and Sealing
Green Job Hazards - Wind Energy
Job Hazards - Geo-Thermal Energy

A key concept for all industries, but especially those that are just beginning to grow,is "Prevention through Design (PtD)" – designing the process/equipment in a way that eliminates hazards to the workers who use them. Employers should have a system in place where safety and health professionals work with design engineers in "designing out" hazards throughout the design phase of their products. See NIOSH's efforts on PtD and its blog on green jobs.

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