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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free Online Safety Training Resources: IL-OSHA

The Illinois OSHA provides a number of safety training resources that are available on their web site for anyone to download.  The web site is at: http://www.illinoisosha.com/resource.htm

The following is a list of the safety materials that are available:

Safety Books Available for Download as Adobe Acrobat files (PDF):

Emergency Preparedness (565k)
Forklift Safety Guide Administrators Manual–English & Spanish (1MB)
Forklift Safety Guide English or Spanish (1.6MB)
Personal Protective Equipment (96k)
Managing Worker Safety and Health (1.3MB)
Complying with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard - English (160k)
Complying with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard - Spanish (276k)
Permit-Required Confined Space (PRCS) (640k)
Assessing Safety and Health Management Programs (160k)
Residential Fall Protection Nailing It Down English or Spanish (1.4MB)
Work Smart - Be Safe English or Spanish (9MB)
Silica - Ready Mix (580K)
Slips and Falls

Written Programs: Available for download as Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF)* or Rich-Text documents (RTF).  These are sample written plans provided as a guide to assist in complying with OSHA's standards.

Emergency Action & Fire Prevention Plan
Hazard Communication Program
Hearing Conservation Program
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Bloodborne Pathogens
    Option 1, Good Samaritan
    Option 2, Collatoral Dut y
    Option 3, Designated First Aid Provider s
    Option 4, Full Program, revised 2003
Energy Control Procedure (Lockout/Tagout)
Permit-Required Confined Space Program
Respirator Program

Safety Checklists Available For Download as Adobe Acrobat files (.PDF)* or Rich-Text documents (RTF):

Excavation Entrance Permit   
Excavation Handout
Electrical Safety Checklist
Means of Egress and Fire Protection
Checklist for Hazardous Communication
Energy Control (Lockout/Tagout) Checklist
Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Review Forms
Checklist for Respiratory Protection Programs
Walking-Working Surfaces
Hazardous Material Checklist

Safety Posters Available as PDF files:

Safety Penguin (A)
Safety Penguin (B)
Slips and Falls
Why Daddy Can't Come Home Anymore

Risk Assessment Detail Sheets:

Machine Safeguarding Methods
Press Brake (metal)
Milling Machine
Risk Assessment
Abrasive Wheel Grinder
Drill Press
Horizontal Cutoff Saw
Vertical Bandsaw
Radial Saw
Three Roll Benders
Plastic Injection Molding

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Blogger RogerT said...

these look good. i'm glad they are available. illinois is doing a good thing by lettering everyone use their training. why doesn't all other governments do this?

7:17 AM  
Anonymous Manual handling training said...

Workplace Safety is very important part of a business. I am also keen to find out more about what people think about it.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous forklift parts said...

these look excellent. i'm grateful they are available. celui-ci is doing a advantage by writing everyone use their exercising. why doesn't all other government authorities do this?

8:20 AM  

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