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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

What Did You Learn In 2011?

With a few breaks I've been writing this safety blog for nearly six years. There are nearly 1000 safety professionals subscribing to it. As I'm sitting here this morning reviewing the past year, I'm wondering what 2011 was like for you. Based on statistics the workplace in general is becoming slightly safer. There have been a lot of changes at OSHA. The workforce is changing, becoming older in some respects, but also having an influx of young workers. Plus our employees are becoming much more diverse.

So... what was 2011 like for you? What was the one most important safety (or industrial health) lesson you learned in 2011? And please don't tell me you didn't learn anything new. When I was a softball umpire I learned that after every game I could go over it in my head and see something I could have done better. Every game I umpired I learned how to be a better umpire. Safety is much more important than softball.

So what did you learn about safety or health last year? In what ways were you able to improve your safety performance or awareness?

You can email me at: duralabelpro@gmail.com

I'll share some of the answers I get in a future blog post.

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