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Monday, February 06, 2012

New Online OSHA Training Videos Cover Use Of Respirators

Seventeen new short training videos from OSHA provide help informing workers about the proper use of respirators on the job.

These short videos, nine in English and eight in Spanish, provide valuable information to workers in general industry and construction. Topics include:

- Respiratory Protection in General Industry
- Respiratory Protection in Construction
- Respirator Types
- Respirator Fit Testing
- Maintenance and Care of Respirators
- Medical Evaluations for Workers Who Use Respirators
- Respiratory Protection Training Requirements
- Voluntary Use of Respirators
- Counterfeit and Altered Respirators: The Importance of NIOSH Certification

The videos are available with closed captioning . They may be viewed or downloaded from OSHA's Web site.

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posted by Steve Hudgik
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Anonymous john said...

Even with the existence of tons and tons of videos out there for safety, are people watching them? I have just finished searching youtube for construction safety video and I have to say that it is really looking good now as there are now a lot of them in it. The sad part though is that the views for those videos are not that much. People in the construction industry should take advantage of those free video to help their workers increase awareness regarding health and safety in the workplace.

5:42 AM  

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