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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Workplace Safety Signs

We all know workplace safety signs are needed. But where do they come from? Do you make your own? Do you buy pre-made signs? Do you need to hire a specialist to make your OSHA required workplace safety signs?

The answer is simple, if you have a DuraLabel printer.

Ordering pre-made workplace safety signs is expensive and time consuming. A pre-made sign can cost from five to ten times what it costs to make your own. That's not a good deal. A pre-made sign can take a week or more receive, unless you pay for expedited overnight shipping. That's not a good deal.

What about using an in-house thermal transfer printer to make workplace safety signs? It depends on which brand of printer you have.

What is needed is an in-house sign printer that comes with templates that make creating workplace safety signs as easy as filling in the blanks. That means it's a DuraLabel printer. DuraLabel printers come with huge template libraries allowing you to select a template, fill in the blanks, and print the sign you need. It's fast and easy.

What is needed is an in-house workplace sign printer that comes with software that makes creating custom signs quick and easy. Once again that means it's a DuraLabel printer. Competitors may have software available, but it's not so easy to use and you must pay extra to purchase a copy. The DuraSuite software that comes FREE with DuraLabel printers automates creating custom labels and signs, making your job easier. Not only is the DuraSuite software included with your DuraLabel printer (except the hand-held DuraLabel 2000 PLUS), future updates are free.

What is needed is an in-house workplace sign printer that makes changing supplies fast and easy. The answer is again a DuraLabel printer. DuraLabel printers open wide, providing plenty of room for changing supplies, even if you have large hands.

Don't forget about sign quality and durability. Making workplace safety signs that fade, peel or fall off is a waste of your time. That means the answer is DuraLabel once again. DuraLabel is the only brand of sign printer that provides a five year warranty on the vinyl signs you make. No other brand dares to offer such a warranty. But DuraLabel quality makes this warranty possible.

Let's take it to the extreme. A workplace sign printer needs to have all of the above. But, let's say you want to improve the ROI on your sign printer by sharing it among several departments and using it in the field. That's a tough requirement and the DuraLabel TORO is a tough printer that handles it with ease.

The DuraLabel TORO is the only workplace safety sign printer that is truly a standalone four inch sign printer. That means you can pick it up by its built-in handles, take it anywhere it's needed, and it's ready to go. The DuraLabel TORO has a touch screen monitor and keyboard built in. The DuraLabel TORO has templates built in. The DuraLabel TORO has a complete symbols library built in. It has the DuraSuite software built in. It even has training videos built in. With its optional battery, anyplace you take the DuraLabel TORO it is ready to make the workplace safety sings or labels you need. There is no other printer like it.

For more information about the DuraLabel TORO, or the complete line of DuraLabel workplace safety sign printers, call 1-888-326-9244 today.

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