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Monday, April 09, 2012

Safety News Briefs - Week Ending 7th

A weekly feature that provides short summaries of safety related news articles with links to the complete stories in other publications.

Defending Against A "Speculative" Or "Theoretical" OSHA Citation

"Many employers are receiving citations for alleged violations of OSHA regulations in which the employer cannot understand the basis of the citation because it appears to be founded upon 'speculation' regarding whether an employee was actually exposed to a safety or health hazard at the workplace. This article discusses the elements of what is required to prove and OSHA violation and how to respond to a citation that does not appear to be based upon a reasonable analysis of employee exposure to a potential hazard."

Read The Seyfarth Shaw LLC White Paper

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U.K. Workplace Injury Reporting Change Cuts Paperwork By A Third

"A change to the rules on reporting workplace injuries will save British firms thousands of hours completing official paperwork."

Read More On The Health And Safety Executive Web Site

Sustainability: Do You Have Your Seat at the Table?

"For decades, companies have regarded environment, health and safety (EHS) management as a necessity to maintain their license to operate. While EHS management professionals are managing the day-to-day regulatory requirements and operational risks, they don’t always have a seat at the senior management table."

This article presents five steps to help EHS professionals create a business case for EHS risk reduction and to become a counselor for executives.

Read the article in EHS Today

Employees In Medical Practices Need Training On OSHA’s New GHS Labeling Requirements

“You have to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks,” said Ian D. Meklinsky, a partner and specialist in employment and health care law with Fox Rothschild, a national firm based in Princeton, N.J. “Do you have records, and can you establish that everyone went through the training?”

Read More In The American Medical Association News

NC Toughens Child Labor Laws

The penalties for child-labor law violations will double under a bill that received final approval Wednesday from the legislature.

“Workplace safety is important for everybody, but it's especially important for young workers who have less clout to make sure it's safe,” said Carol Runyan, who heads UNC Chapel Hill's Injury Prevention Research Center. “This sends a message that the state is serious about protecting young workers.”

Read more: The Laurinburg Exchange

Grounds Care Injury Risks Spelled Out

"Grounds-maintenance crews underestimate how dangerous their workplace is, according to a health and safety chief who said there had been 18 fatal accidents in recent years."

Read more: Horticulture Week

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