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Monday, April 30, 2012

Summary Of Major OSHA Citations - Week Ending April 28th

Summary of major OSHA citations announced during the week ending April 28th.

The following are based on press releases from OSHA.

OSHA Cites AA Foundries For Willful, Multiple Safety and Health Violations ($107,600)
OSHA cites New England Wood Pellet Following October. 2011 Fire ($147,000)
Summary of Other OSHA Citations Last Week

Foundry Coke.
Photo by: Apphim
OSHA has cited AA Foundries Inc. with one willful and 20 serious violations for exposing employees to excessive noise levels, lead and copper at the company's work site in San Antonio, Texas. The proposed penalties total $107,600.

An investigation that began on Oct. 24, 2011, as part of OSHA's Primary Metals National Emphasis Program found that employees were exposed to noise levels surpassing 85 decibels, as well as excessive airborne levels of lead and copper, while conducting operations such as pouring molds and grinding on metal cast.

The willful violation is for failing to ensure that employees underwent required annual audiograms.

Serious violations include failing to implement effective lead compliance and air monitoring programs protecting employees from overexposure to lead and other heavy metals such as copper and cadmium, ensure medical surveillance included blood lead testing and monitoring, and provide annual training on hazards of working with lead. Additionally, the employer failed to ensure that employees were protected by effective hearing conservation and respiratory protection programs, respectively.

The citations can be viewed http://www.osha.gov/ooc/citations/aafoundries_315628503_0428_12.pdf*.

OSHA has cited New England Wood Pellet LLC (New Hampshire) for alleged repeat and serious violations of workplace safety standards at its wood pellet manufacturing plant on Old Sharon Road in Jaffrey. The agency has proposed a total of $147,000 in fines for fire and explosion hazards in the aftermath of an Oct. 20, 2011, fire at the plant.

According to the Keen Sentinal Source just hours after OSHA released the announcement about this citation, a new three-alarm fire broke out at New England Wood Pellet.

The October fire, which started in the pellet mill, was transported through several conveying systems to a pellet cooler and then to a dust collector, and caused several other flash fires. Shortly thereafter, explosions occurred in the dust collector and an exhaust muffler. The explosions sent fireballs outside of the building and likely ignited materials in two silos.

An inspection by OSHA's found numerous fire and explosion hazards stemming from the absence of protective devices in the transport system, dust collection duct and conveyor systems that would prevent sparks, embers and fires from spreading throughout the system, as well as a lack of effective explosion protection due to the construction and/or location of dust collection ducts. The hazards were exacerbated by a buildup of combustible wood dust on surfaces throughout the plant and from the use of unsafe equipment to vacuum combustible dust.

As a result of its findings, OSHA issued two repeat citations with $140,000 in fines for failing to provide a workplace free of recognized fire and explosion hazards, and for using unapproved electrical equipment to vacuum combustible dust.

One serious citation with a $7,000 fine was issued for the buildup of combustible dust on equipment and surfaces throughout the facility.

Information on combustible dust hazards is available online at http://www.osha.gov/dsg/combustibledust/index.html.

The full citations can be viewed at http://www.osha.gov/ooc/citations/New-England-Wood-Pellet-108074-04-17-2012.pdf*.

Summary Of Other OSHA Citations Last Week

We normally only report on OSHA citations in which the proposed fine is over $100,000. However, this week we are also including a short summary of other OSHA citations during the past week:

Big D Brake and Clutch Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas was cited for 17 serious safety violations. Proposed penalties total $46,200. OSHA's Fort Worth Area Office began an inspection on Jan. 9 at the company's facility on Martin Luther King Freeway as part of the agency's National Emphasis Program on Amputations. The investigation found that the company exposed workers to possible amputation hazards by failing to provide required machine guarding, among other hazards.

Spurgeon Vineyards and Winery LLC in Highland, Wisconsin, was cited for 12 safety and health – including nine repeat – violations for failing to provide fall protection and a hazard communication program. The citations are the result of a follow-up investigation conducted in January. Proposed penalties total $71,280.

Duraframe Dipnet was cited for 20 safety violations - including three repeat - at the net manufacturer's Viola, Wisconsin facility. Proposed penalties total $71,400. The repeat violations include allowing the accumulation of combustible material in the paint spray area, lacking a tongue guard on the grinding wheel and not guarding a belt on a lathe. Sixteen serious violations involve failing to maintain sanitary conditions in walkways, guard machinery and provide hazard communication training. The violations also include various electrical and respiratory hazards, including the lack of a written respiratory protection program.

American Foods Group LLC was cited for seven safety violations – including one repeat – at the company's Sharonville, Ohio meat processing facility following a Feb. 23 inspection conducted under OSHA's National Emphasis Program on Amputations. Proposed penalties total $47,000.

The repeat violation was for failing to conduct periodic and regular inspections of lockout procedures for the energy sources of equipment.  The six serious violations involved failing to train employees who service equipment so that they are authorized to implement the energy control program, train employees on how to troubleshoot electrical equipment using safe work practices, train employees on the operation of powered industrial trucks, affix locks to machines' energy isolation devices prior to allowing employees to perform maintenance and servicing operations, and provide locks to production employees who service equipment.

High Roller Wells Pearsall SWD No. 1 Ltd. was cited for 10 serious safety violations following an explosion and fire that injured three workers at the company's Pearsall , Texas work site.  The company disposes of hydraulic fracturing fluid and employs about 34 workers at the site. At the time of the incident, employees were injecting waste water underground that was left over from hydraulic fracturing and drilling operations.

Midwest Biofuel LLC was cited for 15 safety and health violations, including a repeat violation for failing to provide an eye wash station. A complaint prompted an Oct. 26 inspection at the organic chemical manufacturer's facility in Clinton,Wisconsin. Proposed fines total $46,200. 

The company was cited for 12 serious violations for failing to use proper electrical equipment in the control room; correct deficiencies of its hazard analysis and operating procedures; investigate chemical releases; train workers engaged in chemical hazard clean-up operations; provide material safety data sheets for process chemicals; develop, implement and train workers on the permit required confined space program; evaluate fork lift operators; develop and implement a respiratory protection program, including fit testing; and provide medical evaluations for workers required to wear respirators.

Retail clothing chain Forever 21 Inc. was cited for two repeat and five serious safety violations at its store in the Bridgewater Mall (New Jersey). OSHA opened an inspection in November 2011 upon receiving a complaint alleging blocked exit routes and improper storage of merchandise. Proposed penalties total $69,000.

The repeat violations, with $50,000 in penalties, were for failing to provide adequate workspace around electrical equipment and maintain an exit route free of obstructions. The same violations were cited in January 2010 at a Loan Tree, Colorado store. The serious violations, carrying $19,000 in penalties, include failing to ensure workers had full access to exits, keep storage areas free from tripping and fire hazards, ensure that a fire extinguisher was not blocked, provide employees with training on the use of fire extinguishers and properly store materials.

Wrayco Industries Inc. in Stow, Ohio with 14 serious safety and health violations. OSHA initiated an inspection on Jan. 19 in response to a complaint alleging numerous safety violations. Proposed fines total $51,300.

Eleven safety violations were cited including failing to develop machine-specific lockout/tagout procedures to control hazardous energy, train employees to use portable fire extinguishers, adequately guard equipment, use electrical equipment according to labels and listings, and install stair railings. Additionally, three serious health violations involve failing to implement a hearing conservation program, a written respiratory protection program and a written hazard communication program.

Garland Welding was cited for 30 violations at its Lowellville, Ohio  metal fabrication shop. A complaint prompted a health inspection on Oct. 26, 2011, which triggered a subsequent safety inspection. Proposed fines total $94,500.

The citation includes 14 serious health violations involve failing to provide adequate ventilation within confined spaces during welding operations; evaluate sites as permit-required confined spaces; develop an effective hearing conservation program; develop a written respiratory protection program to evaluate hazards and train workers; train workers to use and periodically inspect fire extinguishers; develop a written hazard communication program to teach chemical awareness; maintain material safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals; assess whether existing hazards necessitate personal protective equipment; and maintain and provide reliable welding helmets. Another health citation involves failing to keep flammable and combustible liquids stored around spray operations to a less than needed per-shift level and in amounts less than 120 gallons outside of storage cabinets.

Norcross-based construction company LRG Framing Inc. was cited for six safety violations at a residential work site in Cumming, Georgia. OSHA received a referral, and an inspector observed employees working at heights of up to 30 feet without fall protection, among other hazards. Proposed penalties total $66,660.

LRG Framing is being cited with one willful violation, with a $46,200 penalty, for allowing employees to work without fall protection.  One repeat violation, with a $9,240 penalty, is being cited for failing to provide employees with fall protection training. The same violation was cited in 2007.

Four serious violations, with $11,220 in penalties, include failing to ensure that workers use head protection such as hard hats when exposed to overhead hazards, and remove from use a damaged electrical cord and a powered saw with a deficient guard. The company also lacked a training program to teach employees how to avoid electrical, "struck-by" and fall hazards.

S and K Machineworks Co. Inc. was cited for 17 safety and health violations after OSHA conducted two inspections at the company's production facility in Theodore, Alabama. A planned safety inspection began in December 2011 as part of OSHA's emphasis programs to prevent amputations and injuries related to powered industrial trucks. The identification of exposure to hexavalent chromium and silica triggered a separate health inspection. Proposed penalties total $50,645.

The company also lacked both an effective hearing conservation and respiratory programs. Three serious safety violations included the presence of floor openings that risked fall hazards, a lack of machine safety guards on an abrasive wheel, and unused openings in cabinets, boxes and fittings that exposed workers to electrical hazards.

MVP Piping Co. Inc. of Acworth, Georgia was cited for two trenching violations while workers were installing sewer lines along South Lake Terrace in Rossville. MVP Piping was contracted by Georgia's Catoosa County to complete phase three of the sewer project. The inspection was initiated as part of OSHA's National Emphasis Program on Trenching and Excavation. Proposed penalties total $45,000.

Nance Carpet and Rug Co. Inc. in Calhoun, Georgia, was cited with 10 serious violations for exposing workers to amputation and electrical shock hazards at the company's Calhoun facility. OSHA's inspection, initiated in November 2011 upon receipt of a complaint, was conducted as part of the agency's National Emphasis Program on Amputations and its Local Emphasis Program on Powered Industrial Trucks. Proposed penalties total $53,000.

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