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Monday, May 14, 2012

Safety News Briefs - Week Ending May 12th

A weekly feature that provides short summaries of safety related news articles with links to the complete stories in other publications.

British Columbia Sawmills Given Urgent Safety Order In Wake of Deadly Explosions

"Another safety order has been issued to British Columbia's 341 sawmills after two deadly explosions at mills in the past three months.  The B.C. Safety Authority Tuesday ordered sawmills to ensure electrical motor centres, power distribution centres or similar power equipment are free of combustible or explosive materials such as wood dust."

Read more in the Vancouver Sun

Number Of Workplace Fatalities Rises In Ontario

More workers are dying on the job in Ontario despite stronger government efforts to reduce fatalities and injuries. Seventy-three workers lost their lives in accidents under provincial jurisdiction in 2011, or six more than in 2010, according to the latest statistics from the Workplace Safety Insurance Board.  However, when traffic accidents are included the number of accidents decreased slightly.

Read the story in the Toronto News

Hyatt Told By Feds To Lighten Housekeepers' Load

"After performing a series of hotel inspections, the federal agency that oversees workplace safety has sent a rare letter to the Hyatt Corporation recommending that the hotelier take some basic precautions to protect its housekeepers from ergonomic injuries."

"The company said the inspections and letter were the result of  'rhetoric and gamesmanship' on the part of the union, which it said has 'an ongoing campaign to impose membership on non-union Hyatt employees.'"

Read the story in the Huffington Post
Part of the response from Hyatt was published on Meeting Focus.

Some Wyoming Oil, Gas Drillers Slam Flame-Resistant Clothing Rule

Some oil and natural gas drillers on Friday slammed a draft state safety rule that would require those on drilling rig sites to wear flame-resistant clothing. They stated that requiring flame-resistant clothing for all of those on a rig site doesn’t make sense because flash fires are rare, the clothing doesn’t provide much protection in messy rig conditions and federal safety rules leave decisions on such clothes to operators.

Read more in the Casper Trib

Worker Rescued From Acid Vat Recovering In Hospital

Martin Davis, 44, was on the roof of a metal tube manufacturing plant in Clifton, N.J., when he somehow fell through the roof and plunged 40 feet into a tank of nitric acid Monday morning, The Record reports.  Davis was fully submerged in the acid. Clifton’s fire chief initially said a co-worker had jumped into the vat to save Davis, but the reluctant acid-vat hero was a bit more modest.

Read the complete story on Reuters.

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Blogger SteelFabCorp said...

RE: Slamming Flame-Resistant Rule. Are the people making the rules aware of what it takes to get the work done? Have they ever done the work. I believe in being safe, very safe. But are we to all be wrapped in bubble-wrap (fireproof bubble-wrap of course) and then try to get our jobs done?

10:26 AM  

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