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Monday, July 16, 2012

Couragous Leadership - Taking A Different Approach To Safety

I was reading the June issue of Engineering and Mining Journal and came across an excellent article about improving safety.  It is titled "Couragous Leadership."  The article talks about the need to change the workplace culture, and focus on people skills, communication, openness and transparency, honesty and integrity, if safety is to be improved. The first two paragraphs define the problem and what was needed t improve safety:

"A few years ago, Barrick Gold Corp. was trying to determine how it could make a step-change improvement in safety performance across the company. After analyzing the various safety systems and tools in place at sites, we realized that continuing to focus on what I call the 'technical side of safety' might achieve some modest and regular performance improvements. However, we were never going to see dramatic improvement using this approach and further, it would take 40 years or more to approach zero injuries. We observed that the same tool being used effectively at one site had very little impact at another mine. The tool was the same; it was the people using the tool that made the difference."

"We had to shift our focus to achieve a better balance between technical safety (policies, procedures, training and auditing) and the people side of safety (leading, motivating, coaching and inspiring)."

The articles goes on to describe their experience with making this change, how it was done and the results.

You can read the article online at http://emj.epubxp.com/i/70939/112

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