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Monday, July 16, 2012

Safety News From Outside The U.S.

The following are safety news stories from around the world:

Britain's OSHA Shifting to Loser-Pays Status

Britain's OSHA is establishing a system in which violators of safety laws will pay the OSHA costs associated with the violations. The article reports:

"FFI recovers costs from parties who break health and safety laws for the time and effort HSE spends helping to put matters right such as, investigating and taking enforcement action. Law-abiding businesses will be free from costs and will not pay a fee."

Read the story in the OHS News

From Zimbabwe - Human factors cause most accidents at work

The majority of workplace accidents are caused by human factors rather than by machine faults, making safety consciousness, training and procedures the key element in promoting safety at work.

With almost 90% of accidents attributable to human error or human behaviour, there is a growing awareness globally of the importance of worker education and supervision in efforts to reduce the number of accidents at work.

Read the article in NewsDay.

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