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Monday, September 03, 2012

Safety News Briefs From Around The World

The following are links to safety news stories and articles from around the world:

A Push For Crimal Trials In Canada

The door may be open a “crack” for changes ensuring negligent employers are prosecuted and sent jail, according to the BC Federation of Labour.

Read the article in Vancouver 24 Hours

Labour Minister Margaret MacDiarmid, Sinclair said the Crown should appoint a dedicated prosecutor to deal with serious workplace accidents and the police should be brought in to investigate any incident in which a worker is severely injured or killed. He also said the police must be properly trained to investigate occupational laws.

Read it on Global News

BBC Reports On A List Of Biggest Health and Safety 'Myths'

These are related to company's interaction with their customers. In some cases it appears safety may be getting used as an excuse. But for some of these 'myths' I'd say there can be a real concern about lawsuits, even without there being a violation of a specific safety law.

Read the article on the BBC U.K. Politics

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