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Monday, September 24, 2012

Safety News From Around The World

Safety news stories and articles from around the world:

Scottish Workplace Accident Scheme Could Cost Firms £43.7m

New laws designed to recover the estimated £44 million annual cost of investigating workplace accidents could cost Scottish businesses thousands of pounds, according to Central Insurance, Scotland’s largest independent commercial insurance broker.

The Scottish HSE will begin adding fees, on top of the citation cost, to recover HSE costs.  It is expected that insurance will not cover these added fees.

Read the article in FarmingUK.com

Spanish Metro Fatal Crash Ruled As Not Being A Workplace Accident

Metro Madrid has ruled that an accident at one of its depots in the capital, in which two people were killed, cannot be considered a workplace accident. The accident happened when a Metro Madrid maintenance manager decided to drive a train himself to take his family, and their Swiss au pair, for a ride.

Read the story in El Paris

Photo by: Carmenter

Four Tips For Forklift Safety

A short article in Materials Handling World Magazine (U.K.) provides their top tips for workplace forklift safety.  The tips are divided into four steps:

Step 1 - Risk assessment
Step 2 - Identify when safe to use and when not to be used
Step 3 - Training
Step 4 - Maintenance

Read the article here.

New Zealand Workplace Injury Rate Is Roughly Twice That Of Australia

“New Zealand’s workplace death and injury rates are not improving and are poor in comparison to countries like Australia and the United Kingdom. The Government is serious about taking action as it’s unacceptable that so many New Zealanders are being killed or seriously injured at work,” New Zealand Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson said in a June statement.

Read the article on the Safe To Work web site.

Safe Work Australia Reports Workplace Deaths On The Rebound

Photo by Newtown
Australia's workplace deaths rate, in which the transport and logistics sector has a leading position, appears to be increasing again. The most recent preliminary Safe Work Australia (SWA) figures show that, up to September 18, about a third of fatalities this year was within the transport, postal and warehouses sector.

Transport Workers Union National Secretary Tony Sheldon stated, “Driving a truck is Australia’s most dangerous job. Trucking accounts for almost one in every three workplace fatalities, despite the fact that less than 2.5 percent of the population are employed in the industry"

Read the article in the Supply Chain Review.

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Blogger SteelFabCorp said...

My guess is that we'll see more of this in the U.S. (increased fees from OSHA and other regulatory agencies). More people are writing about how fines need to be increased. BUt they are already at their limits. So charging to cover costs, which probably can be done by executive order, is probably next.

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