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Monday, October 01, 2012

Safety News From Around The World

Safety news stories and articles from around the world:

Gas Line Explosion Caught On Video

Chinese electrical workers apparently drilled into a natural gas pipeline, resulting in an explosion last Friday. The explosion killed three and injured four others.

Read the story and see the video on CBS News 6 in Richmond, VA

This Is Bristol (UK) Reports On The "Five Strangest Accidents"

This article reports on five incidents that are unusual. Not all are accidents, one is a close call.  Only one is a workplace accident.  But the flying castle that carried 30 people 150 feet through the air was certainly unusual. (It was a blow up castle, and it is not supposed to fly.)  And these examples make an important point about safety. Expect the unexpected. Always be alert.

Read the story in This Is Bristol.

20 Saskatchewan (Canada) Potash Miners On Surface After Fire

Twenty miners waited out a fire in a safe room in a potash mine in Canada before coming to the surface Tuesday, officials said.  PotashCorp Public Affairs Manager Bill Cooper said the trapped miners were able to communicate with people on the surface and were not in danger while they waited for the air quality to improve, the CBC said.

Read more on UPI.com

Injury Board In Ireland Reports On The First Half 2012

An increase of 4.1% in workplace injury claims is explained by the ongoing  recessionary environment and an increase in advertising and promotion by companies that provide workplace claims related services, as well as more aggressive 'ambulance chasing.'

Read the press release from the Irish Injury Board
Longford Leader reports on County Longford
The Dundalk Democrat reports on County Louth.
Kilkenny People reports on County Kilkenny.

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Safety News From Around The World

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