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Monday, November 05, 2012

Safety News From Around The World - Week Ending November 3rd

Safety news stories and articles from around the world:

New Zealand's accident compensation system may be contributing to that country's high level of workplace fatalities and injuries

A study by Auckland University's Commercial Law Department says the country's rate of workplace fatalities is double that of Australia and four times higher than Britain's.

The father of a Briton killed in New Zealand says the country's legal system will lead to more tragedies in the adventure tourism industry.

Read the story on the ABC News (Australia) Web Site

A story in the Otago Daily Times talks about New Zealand's workplace accident rate as being unacceptable and unsustainable.

Arc flash risk in the United Kingdom

Shocking statistics published by the EU in 2001 revealed that between 400 and 500 electrical flash-overs or arc flash accidents occur in the United Kingdom each year, typically resulting in four or five deaths. Despite the prevalence in most industries and particularly in the massive utility sector, the arc flash phenomenon is still one of the most deadly and least understood hazards of electricity.

Read more in Business 2 Community

Highway Construction - photo by Ryan Stubbs

Spate of Canadian Fatalities a ‘Tragic Coincidence’

A recent spate of construction workplace deaths in Alberta, Canada has prompted strong backlash from both industry members and the public.

Five workers have died over the past week. The news of the high death toll comes after a series of highway construction deaths across North America, sparking doubt over safety standards as they pertain to increased industry activities.

Read the story in Design Build Source.

Canadian City Runs In The Red Due To Worker Medical Costs

The city of Seaway will be spending $280,000 to cover workplace accidents in 2012 - about $80,000 more than it forecast.  The city is in the midst of reworking a corporate health and safety plan that, it is hoped, will increase awareness among municipal employees about the dangers of having an accident while on the job and thereby reduce workplace accidents.

Read the story in the Seaway News.

Australia - Knowing Your Rights In A Workplace Accident

This article in Insider Daily lists the employer's obligations and the employee's rights related to workplace accidents in Australia.

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