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Monday, December 10, 2012

Are Government Inspectors The Biggest Safety Hazard? Time For A Change In Mine Safety

There is wide agreement that the mistakes that led to the disasters at Upper Big Branch and Sago need to be corrected. However, all the published proposals do not deal with the most fundamental problems at the regulatory agencies.

From hearing about FEMA workers who sat around killing time and sightseeing during the early days of the recovery from super storm Sandy, to reading repeated reports of delays and bad decisions by mine inspectors, it's starting to seem like one of our biggest safety problems are coming from those whose job it is to ensure safety.

An article in the Charleston Gazette points out:

"From Davitt McAteer's report on Sago it is clear that a mine accident became a disaster only because of inexplicable delays in the mine rescue attempt. A number of participants in that mine rescue attempt are still haunted by those delays, especially those who worked in the mine prior to the explosion. One participant stated: 'Many times I've walked (the two miles) out of that mine in 90 minutes (even) when fully loaded with equipment.' Another participant stated: 'My rescue team was suited up and ready to go in by noon on the first day' and yet they weren't allowed to go in with their 'four and a half hour' oxygen units and get the miners out. A rescue attempt that could have succeeded in three to four hours dragged on for a total of 42 hours."

 Read the article in the Charleston Gazette (WVGazette).

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