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Monday, December 31, 2012

No OSHA Significant Citations Last Week

A summary of OSHA significant citations with proposed fines over $100,000 announced during the week ending December 29th.

The following are based on a press releases from OSHA and other sources.
There were no OSHA citations issued this past week with proposed fines over $100,000.

The following are the citations announced by OSHA last week.

OSHA only announced two citations last week. These were:

OSHA cited AC and S Inc. in Nitro, WV with 12 serious violations at the chemical manufacturer's  facility after a July investigation initiated following the death of a worker performing sandblasting activities.

During the sandblasting activities, the air line for a supplied air hood was hooked up to a nitrogen gas line and the worker became unconscious. Nitrogen gas presents several risks, including displacing available oxygen. The serious violations related to the fatality included failing to label nitrogen lines at connection points and not ensuring that breathing air couplings were incompatible with other gas systems.

Proposed penalties against AC and S Inc. total $42,700.

OSHA also announced that it had cited Bender Enterprises Inc., based in Union, NJ, with three repeat violations for continuing to expose workers to electrical hazards at a Fort Lee work site.

OSHA's June investigation was initiated following a referral from the Fort Lee Police Department when a worker was injured while servicing an electrical panel. Proposed penalties total $41,580.

The repeat violations include failing to protect workers from contact with live electrical parts, provide eye and face protection from electric arcs, flashes or flying objects, and provide insulated tools and equipment for workers exposed to energized conductors or circuit parts. Similar violations were cited at the Upper Saddle River work site in 2008.

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