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Monday, January 07, 2013

Weekly Safety News Briefs

A regular news feature summarizing workplace safety related news.

We scan newspapers, magazines and the internet for safety news that isn't being reported elsewhere. The following are links to safety related news that came out during the week ending January 5th.

Advocate Helps Families After Workplace Deaths

In 1993, Ron and Dotty Hayes lost their son Patrick in a workplace accident in Florida. It was how they were treated after the tragedy, as well as the nightmare that followed as they sought answers from state and federal agencies, that prompted them to create the F.I.G.H.T. (Families in Grief Hold Together) Project.

Read the story in the Quad-City Times.

Report Says Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic Overlooks Safety

A safety consultant hired by OSHA has found that v iolence prevention efforts at a Pittsburgh psychiatric clinic, where a gunman shot six people last year, focuses too much on patients and not enough on employee safety. Zachary Zobrist, vice president of SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania, the union representing about 200 workers at the clinic, said the consultant’s finding "reflects employee experiences there."

The consultant,Dr. Jane Lipscomb,is married to William Borwegen, the SEIU's national occupational health and safety director.

Read the article in the Times Online Local News.

Take The NFPA Firewise Challenge and Get Recognized

Wildfires happen. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Last year an entire town in North Dakota burned down as the result of a grass fire. The National Fire Protection Association asks, are you prepared? Join the NFPA in their mission to create: 1,000 safer places. It is called The Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program Challenge.

What’s the Challenge? NFPA is asking community residents across the U.S. to develop an action plan and participate in wildfire mitigation activities to help reduce their neighborhoods’ risk of a wildfire threat.

Communities in the most active states in 2013 will have the opportunity to win great prizes, including tools and funding to help knock down wildfire hazards.

Read about the Firewise Challenge here.

ASSE "Safety on the Job" 2013 Poster Contest Entries Will Be Accepted Until February 14th

This safety contest is open to all children ages 5 to 14. The purpose is to promote awareness of the importance of workplace safety and the occupational safety, health and environmental (SH&E) profession.

ASSE contest winners will be selected based on how well each poster expresses the theme of  "Safety on the Job." Prizes will be awarded to first, second, third and fourth place winners in each of the following age categories:
  • Group 1 (Ages 5-6)
  • Group 2 (Ages 7-8)
  • Group 3 (Ages 9-10)
  • Group 4 (Ages 11-12)
  • Group 5 (Ages 13-14)
The prize amount are:
  • First Place: $2,500
  • Second Place: $250
  • Third Place: $100
  • Fourth Place: $100 
Go to the ASSE web site for more information.

OSHA releases 2013 regulatory agenda

Although required to do so, the White House did not release the spring 2012 regulatory agenda and did not release the fall agenda until December. The Western Farm Press reports that several items of interest appeared in the fall agenda, including rule making on combustible dust looking like it might move ahead and rulemakings for musculoskeletal disorder recordkeeping looking like it will continue to be delayed.

Read the story here.

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