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Monday, January 14, 2013

Safety News From Around The World

The following are summaries of safety news stories, with links to the stories, from locations outside the U.S.  If you have new, or know of an important news story, please send it to duralabelpro@gmail.com.

Victorian Workplace Fatalities On Decline

The state of Victoria in Australia reported only 18 workplace fatalities in 2012, a fatality rate of 7.77 people injured for every million hours worked compared to 7.9 people the previous year.

However, the workplace continues to be much more dangerous for men than women. Only one of the 18 fatalities was a woman.

Read the story in the Victoria Age.

In the U.S. the ratio is smaller, but still heavily impacting men much more than women. One of every 13 workplace fatalities in the U.S. was a woman in 2011.

U.K. Utility To Pay $675,000 fine resulting from an arc flash fatality

U.K. Power Network pleads guilty in the death of John Higgins, an electrical engineer, who was killed in an arc flash at an electrical substation.

Construction News reports, "A Health and Safety Executive investigation found the firm had failed to properly assess the work, to devise procedures and to train employees."

Read the story in Construction News.

The story is also in OHS magazine.

New Saskatchewan laws help protect late-night workers

New laws to protect late night works went into effect last week in Saskatchwan. The new laws aim to protect those who are working alone in gas stations and convenience stores.  Employer must now  conduct a workplace hazard assessment and must develop written procedures for handling cash that minimize the amount of money that is accessible to the employee.

Read more about it in Global Regina.

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