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Monday, January 28, 2013

No OSHA Significant Citations Announced Last Week

The following is normally a summary of OSHA significant citations that have proposed fines over $100,000 that were announced during the week ending January 26th.

However, there were only two announcements from OSHA in the past week concerning newly issued citations.  Both were for amounts less than $100,000.  One, for $54,000, was related to ammonia refrigeration. The other, for $83,300, was for asbestos related safety violations.

OSHA cited Rana Meal Solutions LLC with 12 safety violations following a complaint alleging workers were exposed to ammonia hazards at their Bartlett plant, which was being retrofitted for use as a pasta production facility. Proposed fines total $54,000.

Eleven serious violations of OSHA's process safety management standards were cited for deficiencies in the company's ammonia refrigeration process. These included:
  • A lack of written standard operating procedures for the ammonia refrigeration process
  • No emergency action plan
  • Failing to perform inspections and tests on process equipment
  • Not addressing the hazards of the ammonia refrigeration process
  • Failing to address the findings and recommendations of the process hazard analysis team.
  • Failing to develop, implement and train employees in hazard communication
  • Not providing an emergency eyewash station
    Not providing material data safety sheets for hazardous chemicals present in the workplace.
In addition an other-than-serious violation was issued for a slip and trip hazard after water was found on the floor of the engine room.

An Albany, NY, asbestos removal company,   Lorice Enterprises LLC faces $83,300 in proposed OSHA penalties 

There was one willful citation with a $49,000 fine for failing to perform daily monitoring for asbestos exposure. 

There were citations issued for eight serious violations, with $34,300 in fines. These included failing to wear protective equipment properly and failing to wet materials to prevent exposure to possible airborne asbestos.

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