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Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekly Safety News Briefs - Recommendations From The Trucking Industry For Being Ready For An OSHA Inspection

A regular news feature summarizing workplace safety related news.

We scan newspapers, magazines and the internet for safety news that isn't being reported elsewhere. The following are links to safety related news that came out during the week ending February 16th.

OSHA Gets Involved To Warn About Possible Dangerous Employee

I'm seeing more news reports about OSHA becoming involved at a workplace because an employee might possibly be a threat to others. For example, last Friday there was a news story on KRNV in Reno, Nevada about a member of the state legislature having been arrested for domestic violence and being accused of threatening others in the legislature. As a result OSHA issued a warning that he might be a danger to others in the workplace.

Read the article here.

The article includes links to OSHA's letter, as well as the response to the letter.  The response points out that the "dangerous person" was not named in the letter, and assuming that it is the person who is a member of the legislature, that person is not an employee. As a result he cannot be fired or disciplined as would an employee.

Have A Plan Ready For When OSHA Inspectors Come Knocking

An article in Commercial Carrier Journal has down-to-earth advice for being prepared for an OSHA inspection. Although written for the transporartion industry, this article has good advice for any workplace.

The article quotes a number of trucking industry leaders, including Gerry Mead, vice president of P.A.M. Transportation. The article states:

"At the end of the day, it all boils down to attitude and approach, Mead says. 'The reality is there are far too many OSHA regulations on the books for you to stay on top of,' he says. 'If an inspector wants to find something to hit you with, he will. But if your basics are squared away, they’ll take a look around and get out of your hair. If your house is in order, there are plenty of other businesses out there that aren’t squared away, and that’s who OSHA is really interested in seeing.'”

Read the complete article here.

Unusual Aircraft Crashes

I can across an interesting web page this past week. It has short descriptions of unusual air craft crashes.  Some of the circumstances that have cause aircraft crashes are incredible. The following is a description of the most recent incident that is on the list. It is from 2010:

"A passenger brought aboard a crocodile hidden in a sports bag. The crocodile escaped, causing a panic among passengers who all rushed to one end of the plane. This caused an imbalance in the aircraft which led to loss of control and a crash."

Take a look at the list.

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