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Monday, March 04, 2013

Safety News Briefs From Around The World

The following are summaries of safety news stories, with links to the stories, from locations outside the U.S. If you have news, or know of an important news story, please send it to duralabelpro@gmail.com.

Vancouver Island Workplace Fines Total $190,00

In 2012 WorkSafeBC documented 21 violations of the workplace safety act, totaling $191,113.72 in fines. Across the province, WorkSafe B.C. imposed 260 penalties against 225 employers, totalling $2.9 million.

The highest single penalty was against Vancouver Canucks owners Francesco Aquilini and Roberto Aquilini and Elisa Aquilini.  They were fined $125,277 for failing to maintain a farm vehicle in safe operating condition
Mount Washington Ski Resort received the largest single fine after a worker was “seriously injured while de-icing a conveyor system that was still running.”

Read the article in the Time Colinist

Women In Sweden Face An Increased Risk Of A Workplace Injury

A report in the European Working Conditions Observatory notes that: "After a period of steady decline, the risk of suffering a serious occupational injury has started to increase in Sweden. The figures show that more women are experiencing injuries at work, and the increase in accidents is mainly occurring within the female-dominated health care sector. In this sector, there has been a general increase in fall injuries, particularly falls from a level surface."

Read the article here.

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