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Monday, April 01, 2013

Safety News From Around The World

The following are summaries of safety news stories, with links to the stories, from locations outside the U.S. If you have news, or know of an important news story, please send it to duralabelpro@gmail.com.

EU Machine Tool Builders Endorse Stronger Product-Safety Regulations

An article in American Machinist magazine reports that EU machine tool builders want a change in product liability regulations. The article states:

"A coalition of European machinery industry associations is petitioning the European Parliament to strengthen enforcement of the single-market trade regulations on consumer product safety."

"Their endorsement of the legislative proposal was qualified by petitions for the EU legislature to use new safety regulations and liabilities standards to monitor unfair trade practices that CECIMO and the other groups contend damages fair trade within the European market."

Read the article here.

Unsuitable use of industrial vacuum cleaner creates explosive reaction

The following report was in the Safety and Health Practitioner (SHP) magazine:

An industrial vacuum cleaner containing hydrogen gas exploded and seriously burned a Staffordshire (U.K.) worker.  The industrial vacuum was designed to be used to clean up wood dust. It had been used to clean up waste aluminium powder created during the manufacturing process, and was then  left to stand over a weekend. The powder reacted with water used in the machine and created hydrogen gas, which exploded when the unassuming worker switched it on.

Read more about this industrial accident in Safety And Health Practitioner magazine.

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