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Monday, April 15, 2013

Safety News From Around The World

The following are summaries of safety news stories, with links to the stories, from locations outside the U.S. If you have news, or know of an important news story, please send it to duralabelpro@gmail.com.

Saskatchewan (Canada) has 30 year high for workplace fatalities

60 people in Saskatchewan died last year as a result of workplace related accidents and illnesses.

That’s the highest number of fatalities in more than 30 years.; The greatest number of deaths were in the construction industry and ten of the deaths cam from automobile accidents.

Read more: METR

Take a look at the photo in the above article. Do you think the worker is safe, or will he hit the ground before the "safety line" can save him? 

New Sign Standards In Europe require checking all existing fire signs

The new fire safety sign standards require that text only signs be replaced with fire safety signs that include standard pictograms. The change is the result of large numbers of  non-native speaking workers, so text-based safety instructions are no longer sufficient.

Read the article in Shropshire Live.

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