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Monday, November 04, 2013

World Safety News - U.K. Workplace Injury Rate Drops

A regular feature summarizing workplace safety news.

We scan newspapers, magazines and the internet for safety news that isn't being reported elsewhere. The following are links to safety-related news and articles that came out during the past week. If you have international safety news, safety tips, or suggestions send them to: duralabelpro@gmail.com.

Canadian Union Seeks Criminal Negligence Charges In 2008 Death

In Canada, under the Westray amendment employers can be held criminally responsible for workplace deaths and injuries in cases of negligence.  This can result in prison sentences for company owners, executives, or managers.

In 2008 John Wilson was killed in a workplace accident when the excavator he was operating turned over.  The Vancouver Sun reports that Steelworkers Union is collecting information from the government's investigation:

"for a potential private prosecution in the case, based on safety measures that were not taken.  'We don’t want to put a whole bunch of people in jail, we just want to put one or two in,' said Stephen Hunt, the union's western Canadian director at a union-sponsored safety conference in Vancouver. 'That's the paradigm shift, and it won't just be in (preventing) workplace deaths, it'll be in workplace injuries and reduction in workplace disease.'"

Read the Vancouver Sun article here.

Workplace Injuries In The U.K. Drops To 78.5 Per 100,000 Employees

FARMINGUK reports that the U.K. workplace injury statistics for 2012 have just been released and they show a dramatic drop from the previous year. The article reports that:

"The provisional statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that in Britain between April 2012 and March 2013: 19,707 major injuries such as amputations, fractures and burns, to employees were reported (a rate of 78.5 injuries per 100,000 employees) - compared with 22,094 in 2011/12 (a rate of 88.5 per 100,000 employees) 148 workers fatally injured – down from 171 the previous year. The average for the past five years was 181 worker deaths per year."

"Workplace injuries and ill-health (excluding work related cancer) cost society an estimated £13. 8 billion in 2010/11 compared with £16.3 billion in 2006/07 (both in 2011 prices)."

The article goes on to state that there has not been any significant change in which industries are the most hazardous. You can read the complete article here.

The latest numbers available for the U.S. are for 2011 and are 117 per 100,000 employees.

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