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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Something Doesn't Seem Right

For those of you who are hanging in there at work this week, here a a few interesting pictures I've run into this past year.  Some of these show human ingenuity in dealing with what was probably a situation in which there was no better answer. Others are are some really big mistakes.

When the city says they can't move the street light, there is no need to 
take the balconies out of the building design.

Close up surveillance of the back of a video screen.

The spec called for the posts to be 18.57 feet apart. Who are we to disagree with the designers?

Oops. This is a new 13-story building in Shanghai that tipped over.
I wonder if anyone lost their job over this one.

There is nothing wrong with this building. It was designed this way.
None of these were your projects. So relax, and have a happy holiday!

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