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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Three Videos - What Can Go Wrong - Earth Moving Equipment

What can go wrong when working with earth moving equipment?

This week we feature four videos showing earth moving equipment either being used or being recovered after an accident.  Keep in mind that it never hurts to learn from the mistakes of others.

How do you get a backhoe off a truck when there is no ramp? Watch this video to see if this guy is successful.

It was a good idea that didn't quite work out as planned.  Did someone forget something?

Another video from Russia with something going wrong. Had these guys been drinking, or were they just not able to properly operate this loader?

When you are working with heavy equipment, or with any machinery, be careful.  Think things through twice before taking action.  Never be complacent.

Take personal responsibility for safety. This video has excellent tips for safety in all type of workplaces. The Risk Is In The Routine: A New Look At Accident Prevention

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Blogger Felicity Sanderson said...

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