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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three Videos - What Can Go Wrong - Working With Pipe

What can go wrong when working with pipe?

This week we have three videos showing what can go wrong when working with pipes.  Take a look at these examples and learn what not to do.

This is a video put together by the Chemical Safety Board to show what went wrong at the Chevron Richmond, CA refinery.

Notice that a loader is holding the left section of pipe in place. What do you think will happen with the right hand section once it has been cut free?

Why do so many of the accident videos I see come from Russia? Is it that more people there like to take videos? What do you think is going to go wrong in this video?

Please, be careful. Think before you act. Plan what you are going to do, then carry out those plans. Don't ignore good safety practices, and don't ignore warning signs that indicate a failure is possible.

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