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Monday, April 14, 2014

World Safety News - Workplace Safety Includes Offsite Bullying And Harassment

Workplace Safety News Highlights From Around The World

We scan newspapers and magazines around the world for safety news that isn't reported elsewhere.

The following are links to workplace safety-related news and articles that we noticed this past week. If you have international safety news, safety tips, or suggestions send them to: duralabelpro@gmail.com.

Canada - Workplace Safety Now Includes Effects Of Offsite Bullying And Harassment In British Columbia

British Columbia now has legislation governing bullying and harassment of workers.The Red Deer Advocate reports:

"Employers are responsible for bullying and harassment that affects their workers off-site, even if the perpetrator is not an employee; as well as bullying and harassment by visitors to their work place. And employees have an obligation to report such behavior, whether they’re the victim or just a witness."

Read the article here.

Australia - Business Closures and Redundancies Lead to Higher WorkSafe Claims

The Geelog Advisor reports on rising costs for WorkSafe (Australia's worker's comp system) claims.

"GEELONG workplace injury claims have cost more than $250 million over the past five years, with mental health ­afflictions rising 43 per cent, WorkSafe figures reveal. Almost three people are ­injured every day at work, with 5479 injuries recorded by the watchdog from 2009 to February 2014."

Claims for mental disorders jumped nearly 150% with the increase attributed to Geelong’s volatile work climate and a lack of job security.  (Geelong is located near Melbourne).

Read the story here.

Middle East - The Dangers of Arc Flash

Health and Safety Middle East magazine has a comprehensive article about arc flash safety.  The article covers arc flash dangers, test methods, the hierarchy of control, and information on protective garments.

The article concludes by stating:

"When all other control measures to reduce the risk of an arc flash have been investigated/implemented, protective clothing and PPE requirements should be considered. Protective clothing and PPE are required to limit workers’ exposure to incident energy should an arc flash occur. Incident energy causes burns – the major hazard to individuals from an arc flash."

Read the article here.

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