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Monday, August 18, 2014

Recent Major OSHA Citations

Chemical Company willfully violates training procedures, fined $134,000

OSHA inspected Illinois chemical distributor Seeler Industries, unearthing 19 safety and health violations. The company, which stores and packages liquid and dry chemicals, was also cited with a willful violation for not providing employees with effective training, including appropriate handling of hazardous chemicals. They also failed to label containers with chemical contents. Workers at the Joliet, Illinois company were exposed to chemicals exceeding the permissible limits, and may be at health risk.

Find out more >> http://www.isssource.com/chemical-facility-hazards-cited
What are the new GHS labeling requirements? >> http://www.duralabel.com/articles/ghs-employers-guide.php

Camera Asst. killed in a safety violation

Camera Assistant struck and killed by train during filming

The Film Allman LLC crew was filming a scene for the movie "Midnight Rider". The set was on and around train tracks in Georgia, over a trestle spanning the Altahama River. An oncoming train killed the camera assistant, and eight others were injured; some were struck by the train itself and others by shrapnel from a hospital bed prop that the train struck. Proposed OSHA fines total just under $75,000.

According to the Wall Street Journal, sheriff's investigators state that the production company had been denied permission to film there by CSX railroad and chose to do so anyway. OSHA charges the company with a willful citation, citing disregard for worker safety and health.

Movie production has been halted after the crash. Gregg Allman--whom the movie was about--filed a civil lawsuit against the director and his wife, and a grand jury indicted both of them and the executive producer for involuntary manslaughter and criminal trespassing.

Read the full story >> http://www.thewrap.com/midnight-rider-producers-cited-for-willful-and-serious-safety-violations-by-osha

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