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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

LA Pays Workers $26 Million in a Right-to-Nap Lawsuit

Sanitation workers sued when prohibited from napping at lunch

Putting the "rest" in "restitution"...

Los Angeles' sanitation workers hit the news recently by winning a $26 million dollar lawsuit against the city for having overly restrictive--and illegal--rules about how and where a lunch break may be taken.

The law mandates that an employee be relieved of all duties during the unpaid lunch break. But 1,100 sanitation workers in LA were not allowed to nap, stray outside their designated pick-up routes or gather in large groups.

The lawsuit was settled for $26 million, which is roughly $15,000 per employee, with nearly $8.7 million going to legal fees. >> Read the full story

Killed by a bug

Did you know that dogs are considered a workplace hazard? Of course you did if you're a mail carrier, but dogs were responsible for 8 workplace deaths and nearly 14,000 workplace injuries during a five-year study period, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Cats, cattle, fish, even bugs are a hazard in many occupations. >> Find out why


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