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Monday, September 15, 2014

Last Week's Significant OSHA Citations

It was another big week of big violations.

Significant OSHA violations:
Alabama, $234,960 in fines - Supreme Oil Co.-South was cited by OSHA for 14 safety and health violations. OSHA initiated the inspection due to a complaint and to follow-up a previous inspection when the Alabama facility received citations for eight safety violations.

OSHA issued the repeat citations for the employer's failure to provide guardrails for staircases and open-sided platforms, maintain dry floors in areas where oil and water were mixed, and train workers to turn off machinery to prevent accidental startup while performing maintenance and services. Additionally, the employer exposed workers to being struck-by falling stock from damaged metal shelves, amputation and electrical hazards. >> Full story

Illinios, $108,020 in fines - Central Transport LLC has been cited for five, including three repeat, one willful and one serious safety violation following a formal complaint.

OSHA issued one willful violation for failing to remove from service a forklift that needed repair. Three repeat violations were issued, including failure to provide adequate fall protection at dock door openings because guardrails were not in place, which exposed workers to falls of more than 4 feet. The company was cited for failure to inspect forklifts before use and for not grounding electrical equipment properly.

Similar violations were cited in 2009, 2010 and 2013 at locations in Georgia, Ohio and Mississippi. >> Find out more

Connecticut, $294,000 in fines - Gleason Roofing Co. deliberately and repeatedly failed to use legally required fall protection for its employees at two New Britain work sites and exposed workers to potentially fatal falls, OSHA determined. The Enfield roofing contractor faces four willful and two serious violations of safety standards.

Responding to a complaint, an OSHA inspector found employees exposed to 16-foot falls while ripping shingles from a roof. On April 19, an OSHA inspector returning from another inspection observed employees exposed to 10-foot falls while ripping shingles from a roof. Additional fall hazards at both sites occurred because ladders did not extend at least 3 feet above landings to ensure proper stability.

Workers were exposed to falls while improperly ascending ladders and faced possible electrocution from working without protection close to a working power line. >> Read the full story

New York, $274,700 in fines - Inadequate safeguards to protect workers against potential ammonia releases at its Brooklyn, N.Y., ice plant have resulted in fines for Arctic Glacier U.S.A., Inc., a nationwide ice manufacturer and distributor. OSHA cited the company for 19 violations of workplace safety standards following a comprehensive inspection that began in March.

Several of the violations involve deficiencies in the plant's process safety management, or PSM, program. OSHA's PSM standard mandates a detailed set of requirements and procedures employers must follow to proactively assess and address hazards associated with processes involving the use of more than 10,000 pounds of a hazardous chemical. In this case, it is 14,757 pounds of ammonia used in the plant's refrigeration system. This inspection was conducted under OSHA's PSM Covered Chemical Facilities National Emphasis Program.

Among the hazards found at the Brooklyn plant were incomplete operating procedures, undocumented inspections and testing, failing to provide employees with process safety information, failing to document that process equipment complied with recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices and inadequate work space in front of electrical equipment. >> Full story

Veteran's Hospital, Michigan - Aleda E. Lutz Veterans Administration Medical Center employees in Saginaw were exposed to asbestos, bloodborne pathogens and unsafe operation of powered industrial vehicles. OSHA issued six notices of unsafe or unhealthful working conditions following the inspection.

OSHA's inspection found that officials failed to remove a broken, powered industrial vehicle from service, resulting in one repeat violation. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' facility in Battle Creek was cited for the same safety violation in 2013.

In addition, OSHA found five serious violations for failure to ensure employees wore masks and eye protection whenever they could expect exposure to splashes, spray, spatter or droplets of blood or other infectious material, and to ensure that work surfaces were properly decontaminated. Facility officials did not ensure that powered industrial truck operators completed training successfully or that employees who performed housekeeping duties were provided asbestos awareness training. Additionally, the facility used a power strip that exceeded acceptable voltage levels. >> Read more

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