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Monday, September 29, 2014

Workplace Violence -- How to Identify it and Prevent it

This has been a disturbing week for workplace violence.

An Oklahoma food plant worker who had just been fired beheaded a woman and stabbed another before being shot by a coworker.  >> Video report

A UPS worker in Birmingham Alabama was fired and shot two of his managers.  >> Video report

A recently-fired man opened fire in his former workplace, a Minnesota sign shop, killing 4 and wounding 4, then killing himself.  >> Video report

Homicide is the fourth leading cause of workplace deaths and the leading cause of death for women in the workplace, according to OSHA. Who is at risk and how can workplace violence hazards be reduced?  >> Read OSHA's recommendations

OSHA's workplace violence site, including stats by sector -- is your workplace at risk?

Workplace Violence -- PowerPoint safety training presentations for download

OSHA's "ABCs for Preventing Workplace Violence" -- contains some helpful information on developing a training program on workplace violence

National Crime Prevention Council's Training on Workplace Violence -- contains some valuable information on how to identify it while it's brewing and stop it from getting out of control

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