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Monday, October 06, 2014

Ebola, Standing at your Desk, and How Safe Is Your Workplace?

Workplace Health: Standing Versus Sitting at Desk Jobs

Forbes, the New York Times and The Guardian (UK) have all come out recently with their analysis from studies regarding the virtues of standing up at a desk job versus sitting down. The study--which involved more than four million participants--asserts that sitting can increase risk of cancer and even shave years off your life.

Writer Dan Kois decided to try out the concept by standing for a month.  >> Read about his experiences

Ebola in America: A Workplace Concern?

With only one incident that we know of, at this point it will generally only impact a few industries such as health care and travel. But this may be a jumpy time for employees when anyone around them appears to display symptoms, particularly in the Dallas area. If employees have reasonable justification to believe they might be risking exposure that could endanger their health, they are legally allowed to avoid exposure without repercussion. Current information says that there shouldn't be any risk outside of the healthcare workers that were exposed to the patient, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that Ebola cannot be transmitted until symptoms are evident.

There is no inoculation for it at this time, so if employees are showing signs of alarm, it might be worth sending out an email or posting a memo covering the basics. CDC feels this is under control and there is a voluntary quarantine in effect of those that may have been affected so at this time there's no reason for alarm.  >> Ebola Q&A

Is Your Workplace—or Potential Workplace—Safe?

Of course you can judge it by the number of injuries there are, but sometimes there are potential hazards just waiting to claim victims. Particularly if you're considering a new job and would like to increase your odds of coming home injury-free each day, looking for earmarks of an unsafe workplace is important.  >> How safe is your workplace?

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