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Monday, October 20, 2014

PPE: Using it Correctly, and CDC Revising Standards


PPE – Correct Type, Proper Use, Safe Removal

PPE has been in the spotlight lately due to a nurse contracting Ebola while wearing PPE. Two theories are that she was wearing it incorrectly or that she did not remove it properly. Proper gear removal is an aspect of protection that can easily get forgotten by those working with chemicals or other contaminants. Though PPE can prevent you from contacting hazardous substances, if you remove it incorrectly you can get splashback without even realizing it.

Some good can come of this incident if it serves as a reminder to others to review PPE procedures and training. OSHA has this extremely comprehensive PPE guide to pretty much everything you need to know about PPE. For health care workers, the World Health Organization has this helpful poster of correct PPE removal procedures.

And here's a free guide to PPE requirements for the top 12 safety categories.

CDC Revising PPE Protocols

Meanwhile the CDC is revising its healthcare PPE protocols, expected to release sometime this week. The revisions center around more stringent PPE which does not expose skin.  >> Video and full story

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