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Monday, November 03, 2014

Does OSHA Enforce Ergonomics?

OSHA, Ergonomic Standards, and Playing Chicken

OSHA has no rules set specifically for ergonomic requirements. Ergonomic devices are often viewed as a luxury, not a necessity, but for employees who have very repetitive-aspect jobs, ergonomics can potentially prevent eventual injury caused by repetitive motion.

But due to this lack of specific standards, it is not typical for OSHA to cite a workplace for something approximating a lack of appropriate, possibly ergonomic, devices. It is often nonspecific and difficult to prove not only a need, but that the lack violates any existing rule. But Wayne Farms, a poultry plant in Alabama, was recently cited for exposing workers to musculoskeletal safety and health hazards and were fined over a hundred thousand dollars.  >> Find out how this happened

Speaking of chicken…

Food Safety Summit serves Tainted Chicken

Perhaps showing us what not to do, by serving up an example?  >> Read what happened


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