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Monday, November 03, 2014

Interviewing Accident Witnesses and Wearable Technology

How to Interview Accident Witnesses for OSHA Reporting

We've all seen it happen: something bad happens and nobody wants to talk about it, least of all the people who might be responsible. But particularly with OSHA's more comprehensive reporting rule which takes effect January 1, it's even more important. But beyond that, an accident signifies a safety failure, and it could mean that more will follow if accurate reporting doesn't lead us to the reason for the accident. Here are some helpful quick tips on how to gather information from witnesses. 

Wearable Technology: Safety Game-Changer

What if you could read barcodes without a gun? Or instantly call up and display schematics or instructions on how to repair a machine, and even contact a coworker instantly, all without lugging around a computer, phone or other device?

This is now possible via wearable glasses. A fairly unknown company, Vuzik, has rolled out smart glasses. In addition to all of the productivity bonuses, imagine the impact to safety managers, with the ability to decrease reporting time and increase response time.

Though Google Glasses and similar are still very rare, it's getting more and more common to find fitness monitors such as the Fitbit wristband or smart watches. These studies show people's surprising perspectives on these devices and their potential impact on safety in the workplace.


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