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Monday, January 26, 2015

Safety Best Practices in Action

Cape Code Regional Transit Authority

It's time for some good news in the safety world...here are some companies that are doing it right. Find out about Catch-A-Ride's safety tips program, or Cape Code Regional Transit Authority's unique method of conveying SDS information. Also, Delaware Transit Corporation set up their own safety awards program.  >> Read more

While we're at it, if you'd like to see more good safety practices in action, visit the Department of Labor's Worker Safety & Health App Challenge winners page, for some more innovative takes on a safe workplace.

If your company has some helpful safety practices, contact us and we'll reach out to you for details.

5 Top Tips for a Healthier, Happier Workforce

Employee well-being is better for workers, better for you, and better for the bottom line. With these 5 Top Tips for a Healthier, Happier Workforce, you can potentially reduce absences and costs. 

The Hazards of Ignoring Minor Injuries

When we talk about someone being injured, we usually think of serious injuries, not scratches, splinters, dust in the eye, and blisters. These types of incidents might not deliver much pain or cause us to miss work. If properly treated, they can usually heal rather quickly.  >> Dealing with minor workplace injuries

3 Ways to Prevent Electrical Hazards

Electrical-related accidents aren't the most frequent workplace injury, but they do tend to be more severe--leading to larger workers' compensation claims and workplace deaths.

According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, more than 300,000 workers have been injured in electrical-related accidents in the workplace over the past decade. Accidents include electrocution, shock, and arch flash and blast.  >> Prevent electrical hazards

More lockout/tagout safety tips

Free OSHA Training Resources

OSHA has a free QuickCard reference for nearly any hazard you can imagine, including tree trimming, shipyard safety, maritime or motor vehicle safety, respirators... even mold. Some are available in Spanish and Portuguese. >> Grab free QuickCards

They also have worker rights outreach cards, magnets, and posters for display. These are available in many languages. Grab 'em and print 'em here.

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