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Monday, February 09, 2015

Man Survives Two Gas Explosions

Brad Livingston
A Kansas breeze rattles Brad Livingston. A simple billow unsettles the retired laborer from Colorado Interstate Gas, when recalling a day unlike any other.
“I’m fortunate I’ve never had a single nightmare being inside that fireball,” he said of Friday, September 20, 1991. “The one thing that gets me is a sudden gust of wind. I’ll never forget the feeling, and the force of that explosion hitting me.”
The Thunder Rolls
It was break time, 10 a.m. Livingston worked in the pipeline and as a dispatcher for 10 years before filling in that day as a welder’s helper. It was grunt work, but he was happy to be in the field.
“I was third in line to fill in…” he said. “I felt like the new kid again. Any other day I wouldn’t have been there.”
Livingston and his welding partner Tracy – his former Little League Coach – had been on site in rural Oklahoma all morning, when the company pumper said a natural gas well had two drip gas tanks with pinhole leaks.
Tracy had 30 years’ experience welding and agreed to the job. He moved toward the side-by-side tanks filled with crude oil, water, and drip gas – a naturally occurring form of gasoline.
“They are sitting bombs,” Livingston said. “I had a gut feeling, like we were rushing into this.”  >> Find out what happens

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