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Monday, February 16, 2015

Young Workers, Apple to Improve Labor Conditions, More

Apple to Improve Labor Conditions in Supplier Factories

Apple has released its 9th major annual audit to show that labor conditions are improving, particularly in light of their record $18B profit last quarter. Apple wants to ensure that the new generation of phones were not made by way of child labor or unsafe conditions and were not made using materials from conflict regions. Now, Apple is banning “bonded servitude” at supplier factories, in which a worker is required to pay high fees—upwards of one months’ wages—to job recruiters. Instead, Apple is requiring the factories to pay the fees so the new workers are not in debt when they begin the new job. In the past, some factory workers were putting in over 80 hours a week, and Apple has now cut this down to 60 hours.

Of course, good workplace conditions are subjective. >> Watch the video

Younger Workers = More Injuries

While the majority of those in charge of businesses have been in the workforce for quite some time, a growing percentage of their employees are quite a bit younger. These workers are not only inexperienced, but also they also quite prone to being injured. Whether through a lack of safety training or simple immaturity, young workers get hurt at a disproportionately high rate. >> What can be done?

OSHA young worker fact sheet 

Seven Simple Suggestions to Boost Workplace Safety

Every year, workplace injuries and illnesses cost U.S. businesses $250 billion. Fortunately, many safety incidents can be prevented. Consider the following simple suggestions to help you boost the safety of your workplace today. >> 7 for safety

Contractor’s Equipment Insurance Essentials

Whether you own, rent or lease equipment for your construction business, some form of contractor’s equipment insurance is necessary to protect your investment and reduce your loss in the event of damage to your tools or machinery. Before you purchase any contractor’s equipment policy, it’s important to review it carefully. In addition to understanding your deductible and coverage limits, pay particular attention to the following sections. >> Equipment insurance essentials

Ten Policies Every Employee Handbook Should Cover

Taking the time to ensure you’ve established a mutual understanding of expectations is essential if you want to workers to follow the rules. While many employers may feel that there is no ambiguity in their policies, many employees don’t agree. A handbook can clear up the gray area which will help employees and the employer, and can be helpful reference later should an employee (or former employee) file a claim.

Be sure to date each release of the employee handbook so that there can be no question when the policies were made, and hold onto old copies for reference. >> Rules to an effective employee handbook 

OSHA Fines Saia Motor Freight Line after Explosion Injures Four Workers

Four employees were hospitalized after a flash fire caused by a propane forklift.

An explosion at a St. Louis trucking terminal left four employees hospitalized – two of whom were critically injured.

The explosion at Saia Motor Freight Line LLC was caused when two forklift operators were changing a propane tank on a liquefied petroleum gas-powered forklift inside a freight trailer. A loose coupling connection allowed liquid propane to leak, vaporize and ignite, resulting in a flash fire, OSHA found. >> Find out more

Forklift Safety Resources:

Forklifts to Cranes: Training Employees on Materials Handling Equipment

OSHA Forklift Training Materials

Forklift Safety Daily Checklist

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