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Monday, March 23, 2015

Don't Do This: Ladder Pics that'll Make you Cringe

Unsafe Ladder Contest

The Results are in, and they're Frightening

The "Idiots on Ladders" contest, held annually, received a record-breaking number of entries this year.

The winning picture received nearly 60 percent more votes than its two joint runners-up. It showed two men inside the bucket of an excavator, 20 feet off the ground, with one of them holding the ladder in the bucket so the other could climb to the top.  >> View top submissions

View OSHA's top ten violations for 2014, with an analysis.

Have you Outgrown your Safety Program?

Many organizations fail to realize in a timely manner that changing workforces require changing safety efforts. New programs are initiated with little regard to how they fit in with existing programs and with few metrics to truly test their effectiveness or efficiency.  >> What can be done?

Sleep Deprivation: Unseen Workplace Hazard

Workers may make the mistake of thinking that sleep-deprivation is a one-time problem, or something that can be overcome by growing accustomed to its effects. But according to James Herdegen M.D., sleep deprivation often is chronic and affects workers even when they feel they can function normally on insufficient sleep.

“Most people feel they’re not at risk, but they are,” he said. “With time, people feel that they’re coping with that sleep deprivation and functioning fine. But if you take those individuals and study them, they’re quite impaired.”

He explained that the consequences of that impairment can happen very quickly. For example, imagine a sleep-deprived truck driver falling asleep for 2 seconds while driving 60 miles per hour. In those 2 seconds, the truck may have traveled more than 100 feet and swerved into another lane. It took only a moment, but that sleep-deprived individual could have caused a major accident.  >> The employer's role

Free Health and Safety Podcasts

Listen online or download them and listen to them later. Choose from topics such as trucker safety, prevent snow from blocking your tailpipe, preventing chain saw injuries, preparing for a hurricane, and emergency wound care. Many are available in Spanish.  >> Get podcasts

Or check out Occupational Health & Safety's podcasts

Free Emergency Response Training, with credits

ERHMS training provides the necessary tools for implementing health monitoring and surveillance of emergency response workers. Continuing education credits can be obtained for those who register and successfully complete the course.  >> View ERHMS training and other resources


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