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Monday, April 20, 2015

HazCom, HazCom, HazCom

With the June 1st deadline breathing down your neck and the popularity of our HazCom coverage last week, we're diving in...

Manufacturers Showing ‘Good Faith’ on GHS May Avoid Citations, OSHA says

Some manufacturers of chemical mixtures will not be cited for failing to immediately comply with new Safety Data Sheet and chemical labeling requirements if they exercise “good faith,” a Feb. 9 OSHA enforcement memorandum states.

Manufacturers and importers face a June 1 deadline for using SDSs and labels that are compliant with OSHA’s updated Hazard Communication Standard. But because the classification of chemical mixtures depends on SDSs and labels from raw-material providers, some manufacturers or importers may not have the most up-to-date or accurate information.  >> Find out if this could apply to you

History's Worst Chemical Plant Accidents

Due to the risk associated with them, there are few industrial accidents that cause as much damage as an accident at a chemical plant. Throughout history, we have seen these types of disasters result in catastrophic damage, including fatalities, severe injuries, and unimaginable property damage.  >> Worst U.S. chemical plant accidents

HazCom - FAQs (and the answers)

If you're involved with chemical labeling, let's face it: you have questions. How do you comply with the new rules, what is allowed and what isn't? Here are answers to some frequently asked chemical safety questions. 

A collection of HazCom resources, including a timeline infographic

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