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Monday, June 08, 2015

More Safety Fail pics, Workplace Safety Interview, and more

25 more horrifying safety fail moments

You may find these amusing or you may find them horrifying, but here are 25 pics of some pretty creative approaches to getting the job done, at the possible expense of life and limb. Think of this as the Safe Workplace's reference guide on what NOT to do.

Workplace safety: interview with an expert

This interview with safety expert Donna Mandell covers workplace safety misconceptions, common safety violations, launching a workplace safety program, and more. She also offers advice on the best ways to improve workplace safety.

New name on the OSHA SVEP list: DMAC Construction

OSHA inspectors went out to investigate a tip that workers were in imminent danger at a south Philadelphia construction site. They found that the employer allowed bricklayers to place an improperly-braced scaffold near power lines. They were 35 feet above ground and did not have fall protection in place. They were cited for eight violations, seven of which were willful, and were fined $470,300 and added to the Severe Violator Enforcement Program.  >> Find out more

So what's the takeaway from this? It might be an ideal time for a staff refresher on OSHA's three main rules for safe scaffolding use.

OSHA advice for safe flood cleanup

In the aftermath of the floods in Texas and Oklahoma, OSHA posted information on safe flood cleanup, and necessary precautions. When a region is struck by an unusual storm type--like a dry region is suddenly hit by heavy flooding--workers may not have much experience handling that type of situation. This increases the odds of injury or death. A firefighter in Oklahoma was swept into a storm drain and died while attempting a flood rescue, and with record-breaking rainfall in both regions, more injuries may occur during cleanup.

Don't miss this time-lapse video of the storm hitting Dublin, Texas.

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