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Monday, July 20, 2015

Forklift safety, OSHA robot standards, more

Forklifts And Lifting Equipment Safety Tips

Do your employees know the correct procedures to follow when a forklift hits a pallet? Have you designated pedestrian walkways with floor marking tape? Are speed limits posted? Review these four forklift safety tips to be sure your facility is a safe forklift zone.

OSHA Setting Standards for Sites with Robots

Sure, robots may be programmed for safe, predictable behavior but that doesn't mean they're not a hazard to those around them. Like any large heavy machinery that potentially requires a large clearance, they can be a hazard. That's of course where OSHA steps in. OSHA and NIOSH are working on guidelines for the safety of those who work around robots. Here's what to expect.

Are your safety signs working?

By putting some psychological tricks into action, you can increase employees' response to your safety signs. This should decrease accidents and cut back on your time spent on OSHA incident reporting. Think of it as taking your facility to a level beyond just compliance.  >> Make your signs more effective

Massive Alberta Pipeline Spill Stemmed

Last Friday an Alberta pipeline spilled five million liters of emulsion, a byproduct of oil sands extraction. This is one of the largest environmental land spills in North American history, according to Reuters.

The spill has been stemmed, a wildlife fence has been set up, and cleanup is underway. >> View the video

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